K4Coach™ Platform

The K4Platform is the software implementation based on the K4Method™.  The K4Platform™ is an interlocking set of six modules that aims to holistically provide a neuroscience-based performance coaching environment. 


A social giving platform to allow employees to engage with NGOs directly by using their professional skills and personal social interests.


The visual insights platform powered by a performance engine that gamifies and provides insights into individual performance.


OKR adapted to drive high performance at an individual level that will provide “Individual Performance Profile” based on individual key results.


Monitor, track, and help reduce employee environmental footprint


The portal for high performance teams to share insights, tips, and access curated content in line with their individual performance profiles


The 1:1 coaching platform that provides safe 1:1 face to face coaching to improve individual performance by analysing KoreInsights information.

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