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Performance is not an absolute number. It is a journey, of consistent and continuous effort, in pursuit of a personal aspiration that is as unique as the individual pursing the high standards of performance. Neuroscience research tells us that individuals who perform at their best have,


Individuals who perform at their best levels have FUN by enjoying what they do. Your brain releases dopamine when you have fun, and that makes your brain more efficient, improves learning, and importantly allows the prefrontal cortex, the region of the brain for rational and analytical processing, to work optimally


Performance requires the individuals to over-challenge themselves continuously and that FEAR releases noradrenaline. This fear ensures that we do not lose sight of the goal and it is continually driving us to learn the new skills and stretch ourselves to reach our goal.


When we FOCUS on the job at hand, and avoid distractions, a chemical called acetylcholine is released in the brain. Focus is the toughest of the three factors as we are constantly distracted. The science is simple, if you multitask, you are not focusing. Without focus, you cannot achieve performance.

Do these questions keep you up ?

As an organizational development leader, are you perplexed why two people with similar skills perform so differently?

Experience using the appropriate skills dictate the outcomes. Experienced professionals rely on the part of the brain called basal ganglia (BG), that operates unconsciously. BG delivers speed and processing power, while skills alone (new employees) use their Pre-Frontal Cortex (PFC) which is slower and deliberate. 

As a CEO, do you worry about whether your sales team is aligned to your business strategy to meet your commitments to your investors and customers?

Neuroscience research into performance tells us that an optimal mix of FUN, FEAR, and FOCUS is required to drive high performance in all individuals. However, a fertile organizational environment must be created for individuals to tap into Fun, Fear, Focus drivers.

As a CEO, do you worry about whether your sales team is aligned to your business strategy to meet your commitments to your investors and customers?

Ownership of organizational mission at an individual level leads to high performance teams by focussing team on what is important. The neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, drives performance of goal-directed behaviours such as impulse control, attention, working memory, cognitive flexibility, planning, judgment, and decision-making.

As a sales manager, do you wonder how to improve the overall sales performance of your team, and not depend on a small group of high achievers to pull you through?

Individuals must be challenged [FEAR] to beat their personal bests. The neurotransmitter, noradrenaline, is the allows is responsible for our fight or flight response. Controlled overchallenging, improves our fight response driving increase in performance.

As a sales professional, are you looking to understand how you can improve your individual performance demonstrably?

Neuroscience tells us that Fun, Fear, Focus are required to be performing at your best levels Allostasis, homeostasis, your allostatic load determines your performance profile.

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