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About Kagami Diagnostics™

Kagami, in Japanese, means mirror and can also mean reflection or image.

Kagami Diagnostics™ app delivers contextual & personalized insights, for sales teams and individuals, about sales goal achievement. The insights are coupled with actionable recommendations aimed to increase performance.

Kagami Diagnostics™ provide these benefits:

  • 85%+ improvement in strategy implementation
  • 70%+ improvement in sales productivity
  • 85%+ of our recommendations are actioned

About Yugen Coaching™

Yugen, in Japanese, is the power to evoke beauty that may not be obvious or seen.

Yugen Coaching™ app is our 1:1 sales performance coaching to increase sales individuals’ productivity. Powered by the insights and recommendations from Kagami Diagnostics™, Yugen Coaching™ delivers an OKR based growth plan to drive individual and team performance.

Yugen Coaching™ provides these benefits:

  • Focussed on performance events in the sales cycle
  • On-demand and action oriented
  • Smart nudges that drive action


About Sensei Lead™

Sensei, in Japanese, is the teacher or master who helps you learn.

Sensei Lead™ is our sales advisory service for your sales operations, and help you address some of your big challenges, be it setting up a sales capability or reviewing your sales strategy. Our Sensei are carefully vetted, matched with you and your company’s context to ensure success.

Powerful team and individual sales performance insights to help you ''become your best"